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Hill-Rom Art of Care Day Bed Sleeper, Love seat and Chair Sleeper

Comfortable, functional and durable, Hill-Rom's sleepers improve the hospital stay for visitors. As a leading provider of hospital furniture, Hill-Rom’s sleeper offer features and benefits that are necessary in a hospital environment.

Day Bed Sleeper Chair

Accommodating Size – Maintains existing footprint within the patient room environment when converted into a twin sleeping surface.

Adjustable Positions –Easily and Intuitively converts into a twin sleeper with little effort. With no removable parts to store.

Personal Items Shelf – Optimal storage compartments within the arms or add an optimal tray table for eating.

Seat and Mattress Width – As a three-person sofa the day bed sleeper measures 80(w) x 34(D) x 34(H). As a Day Bed Sleeper measurements are 74(w) x 30(D) x 5(H)

Comfort – The operation of the Day Bed Sleeper allows it to be converted into a sleeper that is independent of the seating surface, both are equally comfortable.


Sleeper Chair

Sleeper Chair

Accommodating Size – Great as hospital room furniture or in waiting rooms, this hospital sleeper chair is small enough to fit almost anywhere, while providing versatility and comfort.

Adjustable Positions –This hospital chair adjusts from the standard position to a built-in ottoman position, and to a sleep position.

Personal Items Shelf – Provides a built-in shelf for holding personal items.

Front Locking Wheels – Front locking wheels help keep chair stationary.

Seat Width Options – Available in 32" and 35" seat capacity.

Sleeper Sofa

Sleeper Chair

Accommodating Size – The perfect 55" sleeper sofa for any healthcare facility "family zone."

Adjustable Positions – Converts from visitor seating into a generous sleep surface in seconds.

Easy to Use – Unlike traditional sleeper sofas, this specially-designed hospital furniture Intuitively glides into the sleep position and back into the seating position with ease.


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