Swine Flu Contingency Plan

Hill-Rom has contingency plans established for most "disaster" and epidemic situations.

A Duty Manager rota ensures that both a Senior Company Manager and a Service Manager are available 24 hours a day. All Duty Managers have access to contingency plans and access to the resources necessary to maintain customer services

In addition to our main Ashby Service Centre Hill-Rom has 8 fully equipped and operational service centre's that can be utilised, as required, as part of a contingency plan. A further 12 "dedicated" Service Center's can help to provide additional local or national support if necessary

A product (frames, mattresses and hoist) surplus is held in a central UK location to support user needs in the event that additional emergency units are required. Customers signed up to and with TBM, Rental and PPM contracts with Hill-Rom will have preferential access to these products.

Shortage of Staf

Hill-Rom employs a nationwide team of clinical, technical and sales personnel. In addition we also have a number of part time/agency staff who complement local teams as and when necessary. In the event of a staff shortage we would immediately access the necessary resources to maintain the contracted level of service to the Trust. We would notify Key Trust staff of any changes in key personnel contact details etc

24 Hour customer contact centre: 01530 411 00