TBM Partnership with Medstrom

Over the past decade TBM service delivery has become more specialised and requires a very different level of ability and flexibility than our rental, capital or maintenance only customers, with this in mind on the first of January 2010 Hill-Rom UK partnered with a company called Medstrom Ltd based in Castle Donnington in the East Midlands

Medstrom is run by exclusively ex Hill-Rom employees. This has the benefit of maintaining consistency with our TBM customers as the management team were the original innovators of the TBM concept back in 1998. As a result they fully understand the changing needs of the TBM sites and are well positioned to help develop them further.

The Partnership between Medstrom Ltd and Hill-Rom is designed to take the concept of TBM forward. It will allow Medstrom to be 100% focused solely on the service element of TBM and drive the innovation and delivery of more flexible solutions which is what many of these TBM customers rightly demand. In addition this arrangement then allows the team at Hill-Rom to focus on and drive our main business and therefore help us grow and expand into new markets.

As a direct result of this unique partnership, Hill-Rom will expand to allow a more focused approach to gaining new and maintaining existing business. Hill-Rom will continue to sell, tender and win TBM contracts.

In some cases, depending on the level of service required, new TBM customers may see a real significant benefit to this Medstrom partnership, other less complex sites may not - yet this flexibility helps increase customers overall choice.

The customers now served by Medstrom are all extremely positive about the partnership and we believe this will give us significant market advantage and direct focus going forward. I therefore firmly believe we will become stronger and it will help both companies gain market share by offering customer solutions as a result of this very strong and innovative partnership.